Board and Supervisory Committee

Serving the best interests of every Member
Supervisory Committee Report

The Supervisory Committee is responsible for monitoring the financial safety and soundness of SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union and compliance with various financial and regulatory requirements. In fulfilling these responsibilities, the Committee engaged Moss Adams LLP to perform the annual financial statement audit for the year ended December 31, 2017. We held quarterly meetings to review, among other things, internal audit services, internal controls and risk management processes, and examinations by regulatory agencies. In the opinion of the Committee, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union has operated in a fiscally sound manner and, in all material respects, in accordance with applicable federal and state regulations.

Chairman, Supervisory Committee

Paul Burkart, Dr. John Nelson (top row, left to right), Ted Alejandre, Karen Cant, Paul Reed (bottom row, left to right)
Board of Directors

Your volunteer Board of Directors’ commitment, advice and leadership help make our Members’ lives better.

John Didion
Dr. Marc Ecker
Marcy Gowdy
Lynn April Hartline
Renee Hendrick
Greg Marchant
Adam O'Connor
Andy Plumley
Linda Salata
Matthew Schulenberg
Kristine Wetzel
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