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Afif A.

Member Since 2017
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Growing up, Afif had many friends who were Members of SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, and they told him he should become a Member. The only problem for Afif was he didn’t have a school employee in his family. After starting his IT career in the corporate sector, Afif decided he wanted to pursue a more fulfilling job in the education system. Upon making the switch, Afif immediately established his SchoolsFirst FCU Membership.

Afif is the eldest of three and holds a lot of responsibility for his siblings; he is the guardian of his younger brother. Afif values being financially responsible and planning for the future. One of the first things he did after establishing his Membership was visit a branch to transfer his 401(k) to a 403(b). The teammembers at SchoolsFirst FCU give Afif peace of mind because he knows he will always get the best advice to remain financially secure and provide for his brother and himself.

The most rewarding aspect of Afif’s work is being able to see students, teachers and staff use the technology he configures. A lot of his work happens behind the scenes but is necessary so the technology can be used to its fullest potential. “I do a lot of research so I can provide the best level of IT service for the students, teachers and staff.”

As a school employee, Afif enjoys his Summer Saver. “Working at a school district, having a Summer Saver is a no-brainer. I accumulate some interest and it’s better than a regular savings account.” Afif enjoys using the money he saves on special outings with his family.

Afif counts his blessings each day that he is able to make a good living to provide for himself and his siblings. He credits SchoolsFirst FCU for being there for him, and providing that sense of financial security.

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